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Korean Jacks Gonggi

Korean Jacks Gonggi

$ 9.99

24 Jacks included.

One set is 8 jacks/gonggi - so you are purchasing 3 sets.


Please note that actual item may vary slightly in design depending on what is in stock.

Gonggi toy once very popular in Korea.  Recommended for children ages 8 and up. Note - case is not included.

Not intended for small children. Keep out of reach as they can be a choking hazard.

You must pass 5 stages in Korean jacks. One jack is always thrown up in the air (like the rubber ball in American jacks).

Throw five jacks on the ground. Pick up one jack, throw it up in the air, and before it falls, pick up one of the remaining four jacks and catch the falling jack. Throw up one of the two jacks in your hand, making sure the other one doesn't fall out, and pick up another jack from the ground and catch the falling jack. (If you're not good at jacks, you can set aside the ones you've already caught before throwing one in the air.) This is the first stage of the game.

The second stage is done in the same way, but instead of picking up one jack from the ground, pick up two jacks at the same time. It's important none of the other jacks are touched. The third and fourth stages are played in the same way. The fifth stage involves (gently) throwing up all five jacks in the air, catching them on the back of your hand, throwing them up again (by bouncing the back of your hand) and catching all five of them with your hands (by doing a claw motion).

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