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What are your hours of operation?  Since we are working moms, our hours can vary.  Typically we try to be available from 9am-3pm PST Monday thru Friday.  However, we check our emails quite frequently, so you can usually get a hold of us quite easily (even after hours). Emailing us is the quickest way to contact us versus leaving a phone message. Phone messages can take up to 24 hours for reply.

What size photo should I use?  It should be at least 3MB (or 3,000 KB) for doljabi boards, 5-10 MB for banners and 1MB for invitations.  We cannot guarantee the quality of any photo that is smaller in size.

 Do you ship internationally?  Yes, please email us for a shipping quote.  There is a minimum purchase of $30 for international orders.

 Do you accept credit card info over the phone? We prefer to have you process your order online as we are an online based business.

When does my order ship out?  Usually with custom orders, it takes anywhere from 2-3 days to ship (or email) after approval.  Rentals will ship closer to your event date (usually a week before). All other orders ship within 1-3 days.

Do you have a storefront that I can go visit?  No, we do not have a storefront at this time.

What is a doljabi board? This board works in conjunction with the doljabi, which is an fun event when the baby is presented with items in front of them and chooses one.  It is believed that it will foretell the child's future.  Each item represents something.  For example, the microphone means entertainer whereas the cash means they'll be wealthy, etc.

The board is usually placed at the front for guests to "guess" which item the baby will choose.  Usually comes with raffle tickets that can be purchased separately.  The guest will have an array of containers in front of them with the items listed on the container.  They will then put their raffle ticket into the container they think the baby will pick.  Once the baby chooses the item, you will then choose a winner from the container with that item.  The winner is usually given a small prize.

If you have any questions about our boards, please feel free to contact us at At this time, we primarily sell digital files only.


Where do I print my digital files? You can easily print your digital file at your nearest copy print center or online.

For Rentals:

Rentals will be shipped to arrive 2-3 days before your event date. If you order your rental within 7 days or less from your event date, we recommend you pay for Express Mail, as we cannot guarantee arrival by your event date if you choose a slower mailing option. Rental period is 7 days from the date it is received or 7 days from your event date. You will get due date information when you receive your rental, along with detailed instructions on how to return the hanbok.

Renter is responsible for shipping the rental back to us.  We recommend USPS for hanboks and UPS Ground for large heavier banners/Dol Towers.  Don't forget to add insurance and/or tracking.  If the item is lost during transit, it will be the responsibility of the shipper. Please let us know if you anticipate any delays in returning your rental - as there may be another customer who needs it for their event the following week.


Please ship all rentals to:

Little Seouls Rentals

1567 Highlands Dr. NE Ste 110 #252

 Issaquah, WA 98029


For hanboks:  You do not need to clean the hanbok.  We will take care of that.  If the hanbok is returned soiled, there is a $10 cleaning fee that will get deducted from your deposit.  If it is soiled beyond repair, the deposit will be forfeited.

Will Size 1 hanbok fit my baby? Size 1 is similar to a US Size 18 months. Most babies who are average size or weight will fit Size 1. If your baby is wearing Size 24 months and is either taller or bigger than most 1 year olds, then we would recommend Size 2.

In Korea, the first birthday hanbok size is traditionally a Size 2 -if you have someone from Korea purchase a hanbok for you, it will most likely be a Size 2. Little Seouls is one of the few stores that provide Size 1 - we special order these from Korea as we have found that most Americans prefer a more fitted hanbok versus wearing one that is loose.

What size is 100th day hanbok? It is a US size 3 to 5 months. It is meant to be worn for the child's baek-il (100th day celebration).

Why does the 100th day hanboks not come with hats? Unfortunately, hanbok hats do not come in 100th day size. The smallest size is 1 to 2 year old size for doljanchi.

Why did I get charged tax on the deposit? You will be refunded the additional tax paid on the deposit once the rental return is processed.